Services We Offer

When you contact SWAT Private Investigations CC, we can offer you a wide array of services.

Let us help you with everything from investigating new employees to infidilety. We help individuals and corporations learn more about what is going on around them.

Our comprehensive services cover a variety of topics:

•    Corporate fraud, murder, theft & espionage investigations
•    Corporate and private surveillance
•    Forensic and ballistic analysis
•    Fingerprint and handwriting analysis
•    Escorting armed and unarmed trucks
•    Cellular forensic investigations, we can't get or retrieve whatsapp messages that was deleted, we can assist with other requirements and investigation
•    Provide trained undercover agents
•    Document examinations
•    Covert camera installations

Infidelity Services

When you take a vow, you expect your spouse is going to do the same thing. If you suspect that they are unfaithfull or you already know that they are and need added proof, we are able to provide spouse infidelity services to you. This can provide you with the undeniable proof that your spouse is not being faithful.

Within the services, we offer photographic proof, establish who your spouse is unfaithfull with, and identify the dates in which the affair(s) have taken place. The proof that we provide can be used for personal use as well as in courts for purposes of divorce, child support and more.

Voice Stress & Polygraph Testing

There may be times that you suspect that someone is lying to you. It could be a family member, a supervisor or even a pre-employment. We can complete a voice stress and polygraph testing to help you determine whether the people are being truthful with you or not.

The technology that we have measures a variety of details within a person's voice to determine if they are stressed about answering certain questions. It can give you more information about what you are dealing with so that you can decide how you want to move forward. Our examiners are registered with PASAA.

The examination is affected by means of an Axciton Computerized Polygraph System. The Modified General Question Technique (MGQT) question is utilized. Three polygraph charts are collected and scores by means of the Seven Position Scoring System. The techniques and hardware employed are accredited by the Polygraph and Voice Stress Analysis Association of South Africa. All questions are reviewed thoroughly in order for the subject to understand and fully comprehend what is being asked. These relevant issue questions are structured to elicit "No" responses.


Tracing is the process in which we locate someone. We have provided these services for many years for various scenarios. There may be several reasons why you want to trace someone. We are capable of legally locating someone who does not want to be found. Once found, you may be given their contact information in order to reach out to them personally or provide their information to law enforcement to have them brought in.

Corporate Investigations

We investigate fraud, murder, theft investigations. We cater for corporate companies as well as private individuals. Cases are professionally investigated using our highly qualified and experience investigators. We have 41 years experience, with our police background that assist us to provide a professional service. We have the experience to testify in court.

Handwriting Analysis

We have highly qualified members that have years of experience in the field of handwriting analysis. They served years in the police and had the rank of Brigadier. They can also testify and give evidence in court regarding their investigation.

Corporate And Private Surveillance

We do business surveillance on company's reps and employees. It could be that the employee is involved with business espionage or starting their own business that is directly in competition with your company. We do surveillance on an employee to establish what the reason is for not performing his duties and collect evidence of his movements and provide it to the employer. The employee could be stealing or give out confidential information about the company.

We do private surveillance in cases of cheating spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or partner.