Insurance Claim Investigations

Any time there is a loss, you need an additional set of eyes and ears at the site. At SWAT Private Investigations CC, we're here to provide you with the independent claims investigation that is necessary to paint an accurate picture of what happened. We're experienced with insurance claims and can provide you with an array of services.

Do you feel as though someone is making a claim against an insurance company when they know the claim is false? Unfortunately this happens all the time. You have the right to protect yourself and that insurance company. Insurance claims investigations can assist you more about what you need to know and what to do.

Our private investigators can lead an investigation on the subject who has made the fraudulent claim. We can identify whether they are performing illegal activities. The photographic evidence that we may be able to provide you to put an end to the fraudulent claim, saving yourself (or your company) both time and money.

Our goal is to represent your company positively at all times, including when speaking with witnesses and claimants. We also work to conduct a detailed investigation. We ask the right questions and work to develop and document all information that is available.

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