Spy Investigations & Equipment

At SWAT Private Investigations CC, we provide state of the art technology that improves spy investigations.

We offer a wide array of equipment to be used within investigations:
•    Spy equipment: Phone recorders and bug detectors
•    Tracking devices: Vehicle, parcel, and personal trackers
•    Cameras: Mini recorders, indoor and outdoor cameras, and those worn on the body
•    Cell phone monitoring software: Monitor calls and locations

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Have you ever wondered where your employees are going during the workday? What are your spouse doing or your children? These are kinds of things that you can discover with our GPS vehicle tracking. We can install GPS trackers into your vehicle that you own. We also have trackers with magnets that you can place in or outside the vehicle. We import the tracking units ourselves. You monitor your own tracking device as it is life tracking and you can pull your own reports. This will provide you with more insight into activities so that you can move forward with terminating employees or having critical conversations and decisions.

Covert Cameras

These cameras are installed by our specialist in this field. It is sometimes necessary to establish what the movements of a subject is in specific areas, it could be in a work environment, at home, at a business or any other area of interest. These cameras get then installed maybe to see if the subject is stealing, committing fraud, cheating spouse, if the subject is performing his duties as he should be and any other reason to believe something is going on.

Mobile File Forensic Investigations

Mobile file forensic investigations can provide you with more insight into what is going on within mobile devices. This includes activity on various apps, conversations and much more. 

These types of investigations are used by families and businesses alike. We can also assist with the analysing of call logs.


Bugs may be placed in public and personal areas in order to obtain information about you, your family or your operations. The different types of bugs can include everything from hidden cameras to wiretapping devices.

We can provide debugging services where we identify the presence of bugs and other surveillance devices within your home or business property. We can remove these devices and try to establish who put it there.