Business Intel Investigations

When you hire SWAT Private Investigations CC, you can be sure that our high level services will ensure that you get the investigative details that are needed. Whether you want to know about employee theft, the misuse of corporate assets, internal and external benefit, or something else, we have the investigations that make a difference.

Our business intel services are comprehensive:
•    Background & financial investigations
•    Internal theft investigations
•    Covert operations
•    Undercover investigations
•    Private prosecution

Background Checks

Background checks can be conducted so that you know more about a person's background. Whether this is someone that you are considering hiring for a job, inviting into your home or even dating, these checks can provide you with more insight into the person's history.

You can never trust that someone is going to provide you with the whole truth. Whether it is through conversations or a resume, you can only learn so much about a person. By relying on our comprehensive background checks, we can provide you with the added details that you need to know.

Undercover Investigations

In some instances, it may be necessary to complete undercover investigations. This is when we send one of our highly trained private investigators in to work as an undercover. This is a more active and effective way of gathering information as they will pose as someone else in order to ask questions and collect data.

We work in a covert way to get answers that you need. Whether it is to track the activity of a family member or learn more about someone who is working for you, this can be a legal way to get information.

Internal Theft Investigations

There are many cases where an employee steals from an employer, a friend steals from another friend and family steals from each other. We can assist you to obtain the necessary statements and then open a case of theft with the police.

Private Prosecution

Where the senior public prosecutor nolle prosequi (decline to prosecute) a case. In terms Section 7 of the Criminal Procedure Act a private person may prosecute another person privately should the DPP or the NPA decline to prosecute an accused that was formally charged with a criminal offence by a complainant. The DPP will issue a nolle prosequi certificate and then the complainant has three months from the date of issue of such a certificate to take the necessary legal steps. We can assist you with this service.